Meeting of Styles

Hoping to go through editing really soon. I felt privileged to see the artists in action. Colors were splattered across colored brick as a sacrifice to the beings living in between the cracks. I was in love, sustained for seconds at a time as my shutter clicked in rhythm to the cans fizzing.

There were moments of hush, and all you heard was the symphony of cans breathing out colors.

All I could do was write this love letter, admiring it. I was meant to keep those images just as much as those images were meant to be made by you.

I have a longing. For now I fill it by light painting the scene you paint with spray cans.  Allow me the gratitude.


**Will be updating my website set: Colors on Walls. This means I will be looking for the hot spots to visit. Let me know if you see street art that is a must for me to get at.

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About Silvia Gonzalez

Photographer Teaching Artist
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