Inside Out Project

Phase 1:

People on the brown line coming from the loop got the chance to see her photo. I loved seeing people turn their heads on the train to look at the image. I am working on editing a short video. That will be coming up soon. Can’t wait to talk about why her story is so important to me.

Also looking forward to doing this with a group. More info on that forthcoming.

Check out some images!

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More about the project: 

A French graffiti artist and photographer named JR was recently on Ted talks for a project called Women Are Heroes among several other projects he takes on that reflect his ideals of community and identity. His current project is a result of the award he received from TED talks which he has called The Inside Out Project. He proposes that communities and individuals take action to visually represent themselves on the streets. By letting community members represent themselves, he hopes to turn the world inside out; it is no longer advertisements of beauty or politician slogans that surround our visual landscape, but rather our own faces representing our stories and values. The collected portraits will be featured on his online gallery along with a short statement of what you value, alongside internationally posted portraits by other participants. This is a global project that has really picked up wind, and definitely an exciting and positive way to view ourselves as part of a larger global community.

To learn more about the project:

Watch the TED talk too:

View my website for larger images:

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