Finally posting some images of the Ceramics work I did this summer.  This is a medium I will definitely revisit. I enjoyed engaging in all the different processes: pinch pot, coil pot, wheel throwing, stiff slab and soft slab, but I mostly fell in love with wheel throwing. You can see some of my bowls in the slideshow.

I stumbled across an artist named Ken Matsuzaki who makes a variety of ceramic objects often reflecting both the embracing and breaking of tradition through use of material. I was particularly interested in his Tetsu Shino Bowl, which borrows from a concept called mingei or an object that was made by an ordinary person, (art by the people for the people) and uses the simple handling of material to expand on a more profound idea.  The object is therefore not only simple, beautiful, and handmade, it is also utilitarian.

I hope that my ceramics also reflects that philosophy. In fact, I hope that my everyday actions, art, experiences reflect that.

I have posted the small booklet of research I created of artists/styles that interested me from reading Ceramics monthly in addition to a gallery of images of the ceramics work I did this summer.


Ceramics Soft Slab

Collaboration (Soft Slab):

Taking from the organic and natural processes of giving and taking. This form is made to represent the concept of collaboration as water enters the vessel it exits through the other arms and asks for the human hand to take and put back the tiny vessels to prevent flooding but also to continue the cycle of give, take and balance.

Ceramics Stiff Slab

Solidarity (Stiff Slab):

Inspired by Mexican murals and borrowing from that basic Keith Harring human form, I was interested in illustrating simple figures. The three figures are all made from the same mold but look different and function together towards a similar goal. They stand on a mirror, which doubles the effect of their efforts, a symbol of what solidarity can produce. They are holding a slab which I plan to grow moss on. The figures then represent roots, or some kind of stronghold, while the top will eventually be the fruit of their labor: growth.

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