Conscious Chicago: Inspirational Photo Contest

Please vote for my image, based from my Natural Interactions series:

Image preview:

If I win, for the month of July, I will get free marketing and I will be the header for Conscious Chicago website!

For more of my Natural Interactions series, please visit:

About the work:

Leaving a mark of presence in an environment, allows for a presence to exist even in the absence of a figure. That mark, becomes the residue of a portrait that occured momentarily. This gesture becomes a natural interaction between the material and natural, permanent, and temporary.

Inspired by the ideas of: female graffiti, simple gestures, experiences, and passing time.

Actual Image from website:


About Silvia Gonzalez

Photographer Teaching Artist
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One Response to Conscious Chicago: Inspirational Photo Contest

  1. Mish says:

    you are an inspiration woman!

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