Juarez Public Art Project

Took some images of the Public Art Project on the quad that was put on to raise awareness of violence against women. The whole experience had a poetic rhetoric to it. The balloons were liberated into the air at the end. It was interesting and eerie to hear the sounds the balloons made when the wind blew against them. It was a sunny, cloudy, and rainy day all at once. Some balloons got away into the air on there own. Other balloons, tied with each other. Some people glanced by with curiosity, others kept on going and completely ignored the installation. Some people stopped to talk about it. This was definitely an interesting experience to say the least. 250 balloons and calilies were placed on the quad…that was only half of the names we received to put out. Half. May the violence against women stop, may there be more support to women that have suffered, and may we stop to look, and honor the women who remain unidentifiable. Ni Una Mas. May their spirits remain beautiful and free, floating into the sky.

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About Silvia Gonzalez

Photographer Teaching Artist
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