This week I will be  super busy! I am going to be in two wonderful group shows which are both a significant part of my identity:

1) A teaching artist, passionate about sharing my love of the visual art’s with others: through teaching, advocacy, and making.
2) A female artist who strongly believes in being recognized and respected by society as a positive contributor to the art world.

As I have been looking and thinking about my own art work, I have been noticing patterns and gaps. Both of which are positively contributing to my “creative juices.” I have such a desire to make more, to constantly fuel responses for my experiences. I have been thinking about how sometimes my art does not relate to each other or how sometimes a threaded theme isn’t apparent, but I need to explore and experiment. At the same time, I need to reflect. Right now I think I am simply digesting. Taking a breather..thinking about my own process. I might just take someone’s advice seriously and create a shrine to my experiences. Since I can’t, just yet, encompass and re-interepret just ONE experience, maybe I ought to compile and reiterate how all of my different experiences in some way correlate. I plan on writing more reflective posts. For now I am just going to let all these thoughts/plans sift through my mind. I will be photographing and recording the events of this weekend. Stay tuned.


About Silvia Gonzalez

Photographer Teaching Artist
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