R O B Y N @ Canopy Club 2011

Just a couple of my favorite shots from this night. Incredible show. I realized that I really enjoy documenting the music shows I attend..trend, it appears.

While I am still working with my own art work, it has been more hands on and media based, so its a slow progression. I am learning a lot as I go along the way. It doesn’t hurt that I continue to go to music shows for breathers and can enjoy the music as much as the photo viewing when I get home.



About Silvia Gonzalez

Photographer Teaching Artist
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One Response to R O B Y N @ Canopy Club 2011

  1. Adam says:

    Fun shots 🙂 That is exactly how I started feeling before doing a lot more concerts… it just felt fun and exciting to document. The moods are always so invigorating. It’s really a phenomenon that you don’t come across in many professions. It feels in no way contrived or fake; they’re doing what they love and you’re doing the same. It’s blissful basically.

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